Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Skalitude Retreat is a living model of resilience and reciprocity…

Our desire as hosts is to hold space for our guests to sink deeply into the embrace of the land and find both refuge and adventure. As stewards and educators, we offer an example of living in reverence and service to the wild.

Guests of Skalitude are not merely renting our lodge and berm-house, they also have access to 160 acres of pristine land surrounded by Okanogan National Forest. Here you’ll find stunning panoramic views, majestic old growth pine, diverse plants and geology, and wildlife observation.
Skalitude is off-the-grid. This means that all of our electricity comes from our solar power system. Since we have limited power production capabilities, we make every effort to conserve what power we have. Our running water comes from Skalitude’s onsite gravity-fed water system, our heating comes from solar hot water panels and locally sourced wood. As part of our sustainable lifestyle, we return compostable wastes and food scraps to the earth, and we manage the garbage & recycling disposal ourselves. We also engage water conservation methods, including composting toilets, wherever possible.

We are blessed to be the stewards of a place where the water shares itself freely with us. In addition to our artesian well, there are several springs on the land that we source our drinking and irrigation water from.

As of Spring 2019, Skalitude is now home to 21 treatment- free hives of honeybees. We are in the process of developing a honeybee sanctuary, planting diverse pollinator forage to provide abundant food throughout the year. By tending an environment that supports their thriving, our lives are sweetened and nourished as well. By our partnership with the honeybees we are learning to feed that which sustains us.

Events hosted at Skalitude:
Saskatoon Circle – Primitive Skills Gathering

Natural beekeeping:

 Jacqueline Freeman- radical beekeeper and biodynamic farmer, author of “The Song of Increase”


Herbal Medicine:

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine-

Michael Moore’s website with many free resources including manuals and plant monographs.

Vision Quests
: a great way to develop a deeply personal and intimate relationship with nature. Our two favorite organizations are:
Animas Valley
PeerSpirit: –


Technology for sustainable living:

Home Power magazine is a great resource for researching your solar home project, both power and heating:
Skalitude’s system: Read a general overview of how solar power works, along with more details on the Skalitude system in skalitude-solar-power
Skalitude’s Solar Hot Water system: Learn about the basic components of a Solar Hot Water system designed for cold climates in skalitude-SHW

Composting toilets:
Sun-mar are the ones we currently use,  Read more about them in our composting section!
Ecovita – carries new urine-diverting toilets from Scandinavia. A great site with other composting toilet resources too:
C-head – a new urine diverting toilet developed for boats and Rvs, looks like a good deal. They publish a monthly newsletter with good composter info: