Fall colors!

It’s another beautiful autumn at Skalitude.  It seems like this could be one new feature of a globally warmed world, summers might be warmer but fall will be a new extended season!  Here are a selection of photos from our Fall so far…wedding-color1

this one and the one below is from a wedding earlier in September.  The colorful fabric around the flag circle really added to the festive ambiance!  It also helped that many of these folks and just come from Burning Man the week before.  Creativity levels were high!


this one is from the opening Gratitude circle at the Saskatoon Circle gathering.  They had gorgeous weather this year! sask-grat-circ  a pinky sunset from the end of Septembersunset9-2014

One of our favorite local hikes is to Crater Lake.  The trailhead is just at the top of Gold Creek Road, so not too far away.  The hike is 8 miles round trip, a perfect day trip even when days are getting shorter.  It’s just not fall until you’ve seen the glow of Larch on the mountains!larch6 larch3

and finally, one more wedding in the flags, this time with a beautiful arch and walkway: