Fall Renewals

We hosted two wonderful events this fall – the first was our second annual Creative Renewal Retreat, led by Elizabeth Dennis, Janey McGillivray and Lindsey Swope.  This weekend combines yoga, creative writing, art, dance and shamanic journey, as we explore what inside of us wants to be expressed outwardly.  It was refreshing and inspiring for all!

This quote arose from the creative writing sessions: “As we sing and dance, we toast each other’s perfection in the moment of seeing clearly”

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The following weekend was the Wilderness Guides Council.  This retreat has been held in California for the past 24 years, this year was the first year to bring it to a new area.  They plan to continue to move around the country to inspire and attract more guides to participate.  There were guides from California, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Norway and Japan.  Ann Linnea, of PeerSpirit, who has guided here at Skalitude for the past six years, reports from the gathering:
“For 24 years, the Wilderness Guides Council has been a loose affiliation of people who are passionate about promoting meaningful, earth-based rites of passage at the edge of modern culture. It is a pretty eclectic bunch, with a strong streak of independence, but also allegiance to the pattern and ceremony of questing: that’s our core. Once a year we gather – usually somewhere in California at a park or private retreat center – to share program ideas, workshops, ceremony, and conversations about our work. Because we were meeting further north this year, many guides from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho attended. At our opening ceremony half of the people present stepped into the center as first time attendees. And I noticed about 50% of the group was comprised of young guides – under 35. I am excited how this will broaden and strengthen the work of questing.”

You can see her full report in their Circle Tales newsletter, here



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