Summer Update 2016

What a summer it has been so far! Wet and wonderfully lush; when the clouds fill the sky and rain descends, it is easy to smile and lift our hearts in gratitude.

We felt the peak of the summer season right around the solstice, back almost a month ago. The intensity and fullness of life was felt on all sides, culminating in a joyous and deeply nourishing Fairy and Human Relations Congress. It is funny to count all the different people who have commented to me that they felt skeptical about the Congress, concerned it was just an “airy-fairy” event, only to remark that the the Congress was a life-changing experience focused on communication & relationship with nature, understanding and working with the natural intelligence in all life.

Our lives are so tied to the cycles and seasons here – just a few days ago we noticed that the song-birds have once again started to migrate back whence they came. The morning symphonies and evening revelries have quieted some, although the brightly colored western tanagers still flit among the trees, and a nest of tiny new-born fly-catchers sits perched on the bottom limb of the apricot tree. We’ve taken to whistling when we pass the tree, cautiously gathering the golden jewel-like orbs (ripe apricots!) that have fallen to the ground; at first the mother would alarm and fly about to distract us from her precious babes, however now we are just part of the peaceful scenery, and feel the grace that is trust from a wild creature.

We are working to preserve the harvest, especially gathering and drying all the different medicinal flowers, herbs and seeds for making herbal tinctures, elixirs, and teas to last us through the cold time to come. Bags and jars of calendula, chamomile, milky oat tops, borage, and yarrow abound. We are canning cherries, apricots and black currants, and enjoying our share of pies, cobblers, and jams.


I am working on the next issue of “From the Pines”, our in-house newsletter. This month I am delighted to share an interview with Danielle Creeksong, a gifted healer and conduit for Nature and Nature Intelligence; as well as I am pleased to be able to publish original poetry composed here at Skalitude, courtesy of participants of PeerQuest’s Cascadia quest, this past June. Stay tuned and connect with us! We are looking forward to profound and nurturing fall and winter retreats.