Welcome to Skalitude!

A refuge in the wild.  The council of the wild gods is alive on the edges. If you press your ear to the Earth you may hear the songs of the furred & rooted, hived & feathered.

Situated in the foothills of the North Cascade mountains, Skalitude’s 160 acres are nestled in a secluded basin in the renowned Methow Valley. Surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest wildlands, the power of the land nourishes and rejuvenates.

Skalitude’s facilities are comfortable and spacious, our guests feel immediately at home.  We can sleep 25 people inside, with plenty of room for camping. We offer both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces,  with plentiful recreation opportunities right on-site throughout the seasons.

The retreat is also home to Skalitude Pollinator Sanctuary, where we keep 15 hives of honeybees and tend vital habitat for our bees and the local native pollinators. The beauty of Skalitude continues to deepen with the blooming of the diverse forage we are growing and the buzzing of the winged ones who turn fleeting nectar song into liquid gold that lasts forever. Come visit the bees, let us host your wedding, workshop or family vacation, and taste the sweetness of this magical place.


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“Some of us are drawn to mountain tops, Some to caves, some to forest clearings.
For each person there is a place of alignment. Sanctuary has no further purpose.
Being there is reason enough.”

~ Frederic Lehrman, The Sacred Landscape, Celestial Arts (1990)

Skalitude. A Washington State Eco-Retreat.


New wood fired hot tub coming Autumn 2021!

A beautiful addition to the sauna area, we’ve extended the covered deck and modified a 6′ stock tank, heated by a Chofu wood burning water heater stove. A well tended fire heats the water up to temperature in about 5 hours. Enjoy a hot soak and the breathtaking view of the meadow, rolling hills and expansive sky.