Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Skalitude Retreat is a model of sustainable living…

Our desire as hosts is to see our patrons feeling at home, relaxing, and having fun. As stewards and educators, our mission is to renew the appreciation of nature and interest in environmentally responsible living.

Skalitude welcomes visitors with all levels of interest in sustainable living. Because we teach by example and through experience, our learning programs are engaging and inclusive. They are also self-directed, so they needn’t interfere with the relaxation and renewal that is also part of the program! If you are curious about the way things work around here, then read on and follow the links through our Education Matters pages. We hope to provide you with as much orientation as you desire. Many of these documents are also available in the Lodge to peruse while you are here. Also, if you have any questions or comments please email us at, visit us on facebook, or talk to us during your stay.

Guests of Skalitude are not merely renting our spacious, and modern/rustic lodge and berm-house, they also have exclusive access to 160 acres of pristine land. Since we only book one group at a time, the entire property is all yours to roam for the duration of your stay. We maintain miles of hiking and ski trails onsite that open up to the Okanogan National Forest. Here you’ll find stunning panoramic views, majestic old growth pine, diverse plants and geology, and animal observation.

Skalitude is off-the-grid. This means that all of our electricity comes from our solar power system. Since we have limited power production capabilities, we make every effort to conserve what power we have. Our running water comes from Skalitude’s onsite gravity-fed water system, our heating comes from solar hot water panels and locally sourced wood. As part of our sustainable lifestyle, we return compostable wastes and food scraps to the earth, and we manage the garbage & recycling disposal ourselves. We also engage water conservation methods, including composting toilets, wherever possible.

As an environmental educational retreat, we’d like to share this amazing place with our guests and we hope that, in turn, they will share their Skalitude experiences of luxurious sustainable living in harmony with nature with others. We believe, though it takes resourcefulness and awareness that the sustainable lifestyle need not be without comfort and luxury. We aim to prove it to you!


The ideas and approaches used at Skalitude may seem unusual in the modern world, but they are rooted in an established tradition of human’s relationship with nature. Here are some links to other people and places from which we have learned: 

Favorite teachers on developing a relationship between humans and the intelligent world of Nature:
David Spangler – One of the founders of Findhorn, which could be considered the birthplace of the modern human-devic relationship:
RJ Stewart – of Scottish and Welsh descent, I would say RJ has the deepest roots of any teacher in the British or Celtic Faery tradition:

More about devic relations:
Findhorn – the garden and community in Scotland where devas first revealed the potentials and possibilities of co-creation:
Perelandra – Machelle Small Wright has developed great tools for enabling the devic-human relationship:

Flower Essences
– very helpful in addressing and working with energetic issues, created in close relationship with the devas of nature:
Green Hope
Tree Frog

for learning more about working with nature:
Fairy Congress – the premier event in the world for enhancing communication and co-creation between human and the fairy/devic realms:
Northwest Herbal Fair – Michael Skeeter Pilarski has started quite a few herbal gatherings in the Northwest, but this is the first and favorite:
Saskatoon Circle – the primitive skills, or stone age living, movement also has a number of gatherings throughout the US, people say that this one has more awareness of the spiritual side of living with nature:

Vision Quests
: a great way to develop a deeply personal and intimate relationship with nature. Our two favorite organizations are:
Animas Valley
PeerSpirit: –

is also an excellent path for understanding the role of humans in the greater world:
Foundation for Shamanic Studies – started by Michael Harner, really revitalized shamanism in the world today:
Shaman Portal – a great networking site and newsletter for shamanic events:
Shamans Circle – Nan Moss and David Corbin teach for the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, as well as workshops on Weather Shamanism:
Weathersage – this is not shamanism, but a great site about understanding weather through the lens of astrology – brilliant and revealing! A real eye opener about how the Earth as a planetary body is connected to the whole solar system:

Technology for sustainable living

Solar Power – there are many sites about solar power these days! We often consult the Alt-e Store, at, their sales staff can also provide good design and consult advice.
Home Power magazine is a great resource for researching your solar home project, both power and heating:
Skalitude’s system: Read a general overview of how solar power works, along with more details on the Skalitude system in skalitude-solar-power
Skalitude’s Solar Hot Water system: Learn about the basic components of a Solar Hot Water system designed for cold climates in skalitude-SHW

Composting toilets:
Sun-mar are the ones we currently use,  Read more about them in our composting section!
Ecovita – carries new urine-diverting toilets from Scandinavia, we hope to try one of these soon. A great site with other composting toilet resources too:
C-head – a new urine diverting toilet developed for boats and Rvs, looks like a good deal. They publish a monthly newsletter with good composter info: