Events hosted at Skalitude are held by the embrace of the land, offering unparalleled support for the magic of transformation.  There is plenty of room for personal space within a group retreat, plenty of places to roam without getting in a car.  For circles and discussions the lodge can hold 50 people, for yoga and movement up to 18 people can fit comfortably. There are also outdoor meeting spaces during warmer months, a 20×20 shade shelter on the back lawn of the lodge, and the 2000 square foot Sky Lodge in the meadow.  The wild beauty provides an excellent backdrop for whatever activity you choose, allowing for deep immersion.

Please contact us about hosting your event!

We encourage carpooling to Skalitude events!

Sacred Natures

May 20-22, 2022

We awaken our interconnectedness with the Earth and all beings in Sacred relationship. Explore the Sacred Natures within and celebrate Divine ecstatic union. Experience personal gnosis in the intensely beautiful and awe inspiring land of Skalitude.

We are asking for $150-$500 a person for attendance at this event. If you wish to pay cash at the registration booth on site you are welcome to do so but the cost will be $200 at that time. Please register here or use the link below. Event attendance is limited to 80 people and gives you access to Skalitude a 160 acre eco retreat and to three days of Magickal programming designed by Cascadia bioregion elder witches, to create a set and setting likely to allow for personal gnosis with “the old gods” and your own Sacred Natures.

Saskatoon Circle

June14-20, 2022

Saskatoon Circle sprung from the lineage of ancestral skills gatherings like Rabbitstick and Wintercount. We are so grateful to our elders in the movement who paved the way for us to gather and share skills together.

We acknowledge that we live on stolen land, originally inhabited by the Methow People who continue to be a presence in spirit and body in this special place. In a spirit of gratitude and honoring, we work to build a lifeway worthy of their sacrifice.

We draw from a pool of the most skilled, respected, and cutting edge instructors in the field of wilderness skills, bushcraft, earthcraft, and culture building to bring you a unique event. At Saskatoon Circle, we recognize that the future of humanity depends on our understanding of the past to build resiliency in skills and community. This is no “make and take” craft faire – this is a life changing experience that may shift your path towards something a little more wild. All are welcome, come as you are, and prepare to go deep together into the skills and lifeways that have given life to humanity for eons.