First Snow at Skalitude

The first snow fell so softly and added another layer of quiet to the hills up here. The white blanket covered everything and put the garden to bed for the winter.

 Some yummy currants left for the birds to enjoy. Have seen Clarks nutcrackers, Steller’s jays, juncos and a fox sparrow that likes to live in the lilac bush and visit at the window.

 The elder apricot tree looks amazing with the snow sprinkled on it’s branches, defining their shape.

 This is an amazingly tall Ponderosa Pine… have to see it in person to appreciate it’s size.

 Fun snow sculptures….couldn’t resist…..wet snow makes the best snowballs!

Simple beauty in nature’s shape and form……..Come appreciate the changing seasons at Skalitude. We now are offering mid week one room stays on air BnB……The skiing will be good soon!
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By Cindy Ruprecht – caretaker