Our Facilities

Skalitude | Washington RetreatSkalitude is a living example of sustainability and reciprocity. The name ‘Skalitude’ comes from a Salish word that means ‘to be in harmony with Nature’. The facilities are completely off-grid – all electricity is generated on-site, mainly from 2.1 kW of solar panels with generator back up for winter.  There is enough power for general functioning – lights, computers, etc, but generating heat from electricity is very inefficient, so things like crock pots, hair dryers and rice cookers are not invited.

There is a Solar Hot Water system in the Lodge. This consists of four panels on the roof, which circulates propylene glycol through copper pipes and heats water in a 120 gallon tank.  This provides hot water for showers and can also circulate hot water through the floor, providing radiant heat to the building. (for more information see the Educational Resources page)  The main heat source is a wood stove, most of the wood is collected locally and sustainably right in Smith Canyon with the remainder coming from neighboring Libby Creek drainages. By collecting this dead wood from the forest we are reducing the fuel loading of the forest lands, thereby helping to reduce the intensity of any wildfires in the area.

The Lodge

Skalitude Lodge | Twisp Lodging

Skalitude Retreat’s main building is the three-bedroom Lodge, perched above the meadow with views all around the canyon. It features a rustic wood interior and a handsome rock fireplace.

The cathedral ceiling and skylights in the living room/gathering space create a spacious and inspiring atmosphere. The bamboo floor with radiant heat keeps the space cozy and warm in winter, and is perfect for yoga, dance and other movement arts.





The Lodge has 3 bedrooms and one interior full-bathroom. Even the lightest sleepers find peace here, lulled by the deep solace of the land. For your comfort, there are down comforters and Pendleton wool blankets on all the beds.

There are 2 bedrooms that each have a queen-sized bed (one on the ground floor and one on the second floor.) There is also one bedroom on the second floor that has 3 single beds.  (See a diagram here.)



There are an additional 2 full bathrooms with outside entry from the porch in the Lodge, so guests sleeping in the Bermhouse don’t have to go through the Lodge. One of these bathrooms is wheelchair-accessible and has a full sized tub with a shower, the other has a shower stall.

The kitchen is set up with everything you should need to prepare, cook, serve and enjoy and feast for up to 30 people. It has a full size oven and 4 burner stove, a wood burning oven/ cookstove, full size fridge and hot water on demand. There are plenty of folding tables and chairs to add seating for meals for larger groups.






The Bermhouse 

The passive-solar design of the Bermhouse is in keeping with Skalitude Retreat’s earth-friendly intent. South-facing windows help the sun’senergy to warm the interior space, while the construction into the hillside insulates it year-round.

The Bermhouse has 3 suites. Each of these suites is divided into 2 sleeping areas, with a half-bathroom (composting toilet and a sink) between them. Each sleeping area has 2 single beds and an ikea chair/bed that can be converted into a single bed if necessary; one sleeping area has two sigle beds that can be converted to a queen-sized bed. (See a diagram here) 

Each Bermhouse suite is equipped with a gas area heater and thermostat. There is also low-voltage lighting in each suite, powered by solar energy.


There are an additional 2 full bathrooms with outside entry from the porch in the Lodge, so guests sleeping in the Bermhouse don’t have to go through the Lodge. One of these bathrooms is wheelchair-accessible and has a full sized tub with a shower, the other has a shower stall.


The Sauna

The cedar-lined, wood-fired sauna has its own stunning view overlooking the meadow. A great way to recover from a day of hiking or skiing, and also cleanse the effects of a stressful modern life.

Wood Fired Hot Tub

Coming Fall 2021! A beautiful addition to the sauna area, we’ve extended the covered deck and modified a 6′ stock tank, heated by a Chofu wood burning water heater stove. A well tended fire heats the water up to temperature in about 5 hours. Enjoy a hot soak and the breathtaking view of the meadow, rolling hills and expansive sky.

The Sky Lodge

Our 2000 square foot Sky Lodge is a great addition for summer groups. It’s a beautiful, breezy outdoor meeting or dining space, great for weddings or conferences. It has a very unique and artistic ambiance, and gets rave reviews at events. Seats up to 200 people. There are more photos of the Sky Lodge on the wedding page.

Meadow Kitchen

Our seasonal outdoor kitchen is set up to feed 200+ people. It has hot water on demand, ample prep space, propane stoves and oven, bbq pit, cookware, pots and pans, hotel pans for serving, dishes, cups and cutlery. It is included in our wedding package, and available Spring- Autumn for guests to rent.


40 Flags

Inspired by a dream, a friend saw the vision for 40 white flags that would represent peace and serenity. She loaned us a set one year for an event, we fell in love and knew we needed a set of our own.  Since then they have become a much loved and much used circle for meditation and gathering for the groups who come to be nourished by Skalitude Retreat. There are more photos of the flags on the wedding page.

Crossroads/Medicine Wheel

Also in the meadow is the Crossroads, or a stone circle about 50 feet in diameter, another great location for ceremonies.

Pictures of these facilities. Click on an images to see it larger.