Skalitude Retreat is a sanctuary dedicated to being in harmony with nature. We offer education on physical and spiritual aspects of living sustainably, including natural resource management, natural health and wellness and personal development.

During the last several hundred years, humans have experienced an increasing split between themselves and the world of Nature. Nature has been viewed from a materialistic perspective, seen only as a resource to be used for humans’ maximum benefit. This has led to the current state of environmental degradation, now possibly approaching crises levels.

941017_592102944148016_1319215431_nAt Skalitude we recognize that Nature is alive and intelligent. We seek to partner with that intelligence to create a space of health and vitality. We draw from numerous spiritual lineages in this work, including that of shamanism, Findhorn (Scotland), Perelandra (Virginia) and Celtic traditions. In service to the public, we offer people an experience of this heightened natural vitality as a path to healing, along with education on ways to live simply and sustainably, in order to help people deepen their connection with Nature and the natural world.

“A sacred place is where the earth’s voice can be heard more clearly…”
~ Fredric Lehrman, The Sacred Landscape

By acknowledging and communing with the nature beings at Skalitude, we are creating a sanctuary, or sacred place – a place where the earth feels more alive. The name Skalitude reflects this goal, it comes from a Salish word (originally ‘skalalitude’), which has been defined as ‘being in harmony with nature’, ‘nature spirit’, and ‘guardian spirit’.

skalitude retreat center solitudeWe only host one group at a time, to minimize disturbance or interference from other humans. This maintains the deep sense of peace and silence that is held here, and allows people to connect more profoundly with the energy of the land.

Quote from guest (August 2010):
“Once again, we had such a wonderful time at Skalitude! It’s hard to describe how much at peace I felt there. The beauty of the place is soul-soothing, and my daily walks around the meadow were truly therapeutic.”