Off-the-Grid power at Skalitude

Many of you may know that Skalitude Retreat is an eco retreat, But did you know it is mostly solar powered? This is a brief glimpse of the solar and passive solar system at the property.

 A bright sunny day collecting clean power from the sun. This panel tracts the sun throughout the day.

 Solar water heater on the roof, heats the floor system and hot water tank. The roof faces south for maximum heat absorbtion.

 Inverter and central command. It’s not pretty but it does a good job. All the guts are contained in a closet so you don’t have to see them.

 The Berm House has bermed earth all along the back and sides to heat and cool geothermally. It has solar panels along the top for light usage. There are propane wall heaters in each room. The whole building faces south for maximum solar gain in the windows.

This solar array supplies power to the caretakers cabin. Good sunny days make us happy!
Living off the grid makes us aware of our power usage and what is necessary and what is wasteful.
Hope to visit with you all soon!

Cindy Ruprecht – Caretaker