We are seeking a couple to serve as Caretaker/Managers!

The position has been filled!  Thanks to all who applied!

We are looking for a couple for a long-term, full-time position, however November to May is the minimum commitment.  The position requires people who are competent and capable with good communication skills, strongly self-motivated and self-disciplined, who enjoy being creative, physically active and getting things done.  Skalitude is a place where people come to have fun while experiencing a sustainable life in harmony with nature, the hosts need to be of a similar mindset!  Ability to be self-reliant is a must, as caretakers will be working on their own for half the year.

The two main areas of need are:
Basic maintenance and upkeep of all systems (electrical, plumbing, mechanical): caretakers are the main on-site contacts thru the winter, so solid handyman skills are required to address issues as they arise
Marketing: maintaining an on-line presence, taking photos and writing newsletters, looking for ways to strengthen our brand.  We have a good existing client base but for the business to stay strong we need to keep reaching out.

The main winter duties are:

  • clean lodge and bermhouse between guests: make beds, vacuum, mop, clean bathrooms, kitchen, maintain composters, empty garbage/recycling and compost, stoke fire before guests arrive
  • laundry – either wash at home and hang to dry in living room, or take to town (depends partly on weather and size of load)
  • clear driveway of snow as needed using 55hp tractor with PTO snowblower, being mindful of weather changes (warming trends, more snow coming) and guest needs
  • feed and walk two dogs, keep dogs in when guests are arriving
  • basic office work: deposit checks, enter income and monies spent in spreadsheet; collect mail and file appropriately; answer phone calls, provide reservation information for coming year
  • buy gas and diesel for ATV and tractor, propane for BBQ, condition diesel fuel for winter temps as needed
  • groom trails as needed using ATV: as least once a week so they are fresh for guests, and every 6 inches of new snow.
  • take fun, scenic pictures and upload to facebook page, contribute to blog
  • take garbage and recycling to town
  • shovel snow from around lodge, around greenhouse, in front of cabin, from lodge roof (if needed), clear panels of fresh snow (power and SHW)
  • monitor power and run generator as needed, monitor water and fill cistern as needed
  • Possibly forestry work if weather allows: burn piles
  • send weekly email reports with info on weather, snow conditions, battery/power status, guest experiences, any other news

This works out to two quarter- to half-time jobs.  Even though it’s not a lot of time, it works best to have two people as sometimes multiple tasks need to happen at the same time.

For the long-term, our ideal is a couple who would like to expand on this to create additional income streams, such as:

– catering for guests
– serving as guide for our soon to be installed zipline
– providing other guest services (massage, teaching, etc.)
– event production
– farming/gardening
– other independent artistic endeavors that would complement the business: photography, graphic design, writing, carpentry, crafting.
We hope to build additional small, rustic accommodations, so long-term folks will help with that too.

Housing is provided in a two-bedroom house with great passive solar exposure and wood heat.  One bedroom may need to serve the business as an office/craft space until an additional space can be created.  Utilities are also provided.  There is a large garden space and a 10 by 20 greenhouse.  Position will start on a contract basis thru the winter, long-term we prefer a profit-sharing arrangement – the more business you pull in, the more you get paid!

To apply, please send resumes and letter of interest to skalitude@gmail.com

Thank you!